When individuals thrive, organizations prosper.

This is the foundational philosophy of Integrated Success HR Consulting and Coaching, LLC.
And our experience living it runs deep. No matter what challenges or situations your organization is facing,
we have seasoned experts with hands-on experience who can help you reach your vision of success.

- Linda Powell, CEO

Imagine what you can accomplish as an organization when your leaders are able to harness the yet-untapped talent of your employees! Imagine the kind of reputation, productivity, longevity and profitability that can be realized when every single employee, department, team, and leader is fully engaged and moving collaboratively toward strategic goals!

The Integrated Success team is seasoned and diverse. Our experience spans a wide variety of industries, from public service to heavy manufacturing, from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar companies, from small family owned businesses or businesses with a global footprint.

Meet the Founder of Integrated Success

Across this wide spectrum of industries one thing remains constant: we know people.

We take an integrated approach to partnering with you to reach your vision of success. When you work with us, you’ll see that we consistently:

  • Bring real-world expertise into every area of service and support we provide
  • Provide innovative, customized and sustainable solutions to any challenge
  • Create amazing workplace communities that naturally drive innovation and productivity from the ground up
  • Engage with authenticity, integrity and passion

Integrated Success - The engine behind people and organizations thriving.

Let's Talk! - we can design a customized program for your organization.