What We Do

At Integrated Success we believe that a thriving workplace community elevates everyone – employees, leaders and clients alike.

With this aim, we help insightful senior leaders create connected teams that inspire a culture of trust, innovation, and belonging, so together they can increase the positive impact of their organizations.

You, too, can elevate your workplace culture.

I’ll partner with you, as the senior leader, to unlock the full potential of your organization, by creating a workplace that honors and respects what humans long for today.

Our Approach

The future of leadership lies in unlocking the potential within each individual. We believe that cultivating a culture of belonging, where individual value is recognized and nurtured, is more than a “feel-good initiative”: it is a strategic imperative for sparking innovation and maximizing organizational impact.

To create a culture that encourages this experience, we start by shifting the focus. We help leaders and teams elevate their perspective so they can create more of what they do want!

Instead of drilling down to poke at what doesn’t work, which fuels blaming, shaming, and justifying feelings and behaviors…

They focus on what is working and what they want to create more of, which then creates a new, brighter reality, which then motivates everyone to live into THAT!

With this shift, senior leaders engage with their leadership team and all employees in a new way.

I know what you are thinking…. “Linda, you’re ignoring what’s broken! How can you possibly fix ‘it’ if you don’t figure out what ‘it’ is first?”

Here’s the secret…What you choose to seek, determines what you find. If you look for strengths, you find them. If you look for shared aspirations, you discover them. This lens causes you to have conversations that lift people up and bring people together, inspiring them to even greater success together. (Integrated Success!) Setting your sights on what you DO want allows you to build that reality.

By building on what’s strong, rather than what’s wrong, you change the trajectory of your relationships and elevate the results achieved. Focusing on what is already working well and where you want to go together, ignites connection, innovation, and new possibilities.

What you pay attention to grows.

 ~ Linda Powell

Research and evidence-based best practices show that this refreshing approach:

  • Empowers leaders and the people who follow them, fostering healthy and inspired workplace cultures.
  • Respects and encourages people’s strengths, giving them greater confidence, connection, and creativity.
  • Gives everyone the grace and space to shine as they contribute to something bigger.
  • Honors that as humans we want to belong, connect, contribute, and experience trust within our workplace, which is what people are looking for today.
  • Brings everyone into the conversation in a meaningful way – a way that invites positive change, sparks innovation, and encourages collaboration.
  • Leads to leveraging everyone’s strengths, bringing out the best in people, teams, and communities, and enhancing the organizations positive impact.

We know these outcomes matter because employees are telling us so. Research by Gallup, Deloitte, and our own observations tells us that employees require a focus on belonging, purpose, authenticity, strengths, growth, and whole-life respect to feel valued, fulfilled, and inspired.

Integrated Success’ work is rooted in the science and evidence-based best practices that fuel collaboration, belonging, innovation, and productivity. The techniques we share at each level of the organization are proven and woven together in a way that is accessible, actionable, and sustainable for everyone in the organization. They are not complicated, but they are transformational and feel right to all involved.

Our Services

To help you and your organization transform your workplace culture, Integrated Success:

  • Cultivates strategic partnerships with senior leaders and leadership teams to elevate their workplace culture.
  • Customizes leadership and development experiences to support leaders in connecting with their people to co-create this elevated culture
  • Facilitates collaboration forums, strategic planning retreats, and strategic conversations to engage everyone in the organization
  • Creates and delivers other workshops to build teams and collaboratively design the path forward.

Alternatively, jump-start collaboration in your organization through a variety of standalone events such as:

  • Strategic planning retreats
  • Strategic conversations
  • Strengths-based workshops
  • Collaborative forums / summits

We employ a strengths-based, appreciative inquiry approach that gets diverse interest groups, boards, and organizations on the same page and moving forward in a more collaborative way.