Four foundational elements of a thriving workplace

Four foundational elements of a thriving workplace

Part 1 of a 5-part Leadership Series.

Integrated Success ignites the power of your people.

Do you know what all successful leaders have? Followers. Yep, every one of them. So, if you think you’re a leader, look behind and beside you. Who is with you and how committed are they? This is about more than titles and organizational hierarchy. It’s about your ability to establish and articulate a vision where employees can see themselves as valued contributors, and where their core needs are met.

Leaders of the highest performing teams have a compelling vision and they can get employees fully onboard. They help people make connections between their work and their values and talents. You are most effective as a leader when you understand what inspires each person who works for you, and then provide an environment in which they can thrive.

Research shows that the most effective leaders of high-performing teams:

  • Focus on strengths – their own and those of each team member
  • Maximize opportunities with a team of diverse talents, strengths and perspectives
  • Understand the needs of their followers

In providing what your people need most, you ignite their power to succeed.

There is a lot to unpack in these three bullet points. Right now, let’s focus on the needs of followers, since this is foundational to thriving workplaces.  Simply put, when core needs are fulfilled, people are more engaged, committed to your organization, and have the mental and emotional bandwidth to excel in their work.

Do you know what your employees need from you the most? According to extensive Gallup research, it boils down to this:

  • Hope – a genuine, positive vision for the future; grounded optimism
  • Trust – the qualities of integrity, honesty and respect
  • Compassion – clearly demonstrated caring about the whole person
  • Stability – confidence in the organization; steadiness of the leader’s core values

As leaders, we set the tone in our workplace. It takes deliberate thought and action to translate what these values really look like to the individuals you lead. In my experience as a leader and HR professional, I found that inherent within these core needs is the human need to truly belong – to be a valued, included member of the workplace community.  When these needs are met, employees can focus their talents in alignment with your organization’s purpose. They can be “all in.”  That’s when the magic happens! In providing what your people need most, you ignite their power to succeed, and your team’s achievements can be virtually unlimited.

At Integrated Success, we are passionate about helping leaders find their authentic voice to inspire high-performing teams. Our experts offer tools to help you clarify your purpose and cultivate a culture that brings out the best in your people – allowing you to be the leader you desire and to have a positive, lasting impact on the lives of others and success of the organization.

I share your desire for authenticity, growth, and inspiration, and I have successfully helped other leaders transform their businesses and lead with purpose. Let’s work together to translate your vision into effective action!

Yours in success,
Linda Powell
Founder, Integrated Success

Linda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Success HR Consulting & Coaching, LLC. She is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and passionate about strengths-focused development. Integrated Success works with organizations in developing effective teams and human resources practices to bring out the best of individuals for their own success and that of the organization. That’s why we say, “Integrated Success is the engine behind individuals and organizations thriving!”