Adjusting Leadership Focus

Adjusting Leadership Focus

From Employment Laws to Strategic Vision and Back

As a leader, you are continually adjusting your focus.  You have to zoom out to keep an eye on the horizon:  Are there new strategic opportunities to grab on to or obstacles to navigate around?

At the same time you have to focus in on the details of today.   How are your production, customer satisfaction, employee turnover numbers?  What are they telling you about the health of your team? Are you keeping up with changes in employment laws and best practices that help you run safely, effectively and efficiently?

It’s a lot of shifting your attention!  So in this blog we will do a bit of both: Zooming in on a significant Oregon employment law affecting your business,  sharing links to important resources.  And we will zoom out to consider what might be on your growth horizon.

Zoom in: Oregon employment regulations continue to evolve.

To reduce risk to your company and your employees, it’s important to know about employment laws and recent updates. There’s everything out there from Predictive Scheduling requirements for larger organizations to Oregon’s first state specific W4 form and upcoming minimum wage increases impacting all employers.

An important expanded Oregon employment law you’ll want to be sure you are complying with is the Pay Equity Law.  Intended to help ensure equitable compensation for all employees, this expanded law can affect how you screen and interview applicants, and how you set compensation.  All Oregon employers – regardless of size – are subject to this law. Three basic things to be do right now:

1.       Display the updated Oregon Pay Equity Law poster where employees can see it.

2.       Update job applications to get rid of all salary related questions.

3.       Train hiring managers to not ask about salary history or requirements.

Zoom out:  What is on the horizon for you?

Your circumstances are changing. Is your business growing, taking on different challenges, moving into new markets, or acquiring new equipment? If so, it’s probably time to refresh policies, processes and training, and be sure your HR and safety programs are up to date.  These are important to your success, but easily overlooked.

You want to accelerate progress toward goals. Maybe you have the nuts and bolts of paperwork, compliance and practices well in hand. Now it’s time to super-charge your team’s effectiveness and growth. How can you get everyone rowing in the same direction?

Chart the Course to Your Desired Destination

If a thriving workplace – where individuals contribute their very best – is your dream destination, then you have to go beyond the basics. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Integrated Success is here to help you understand the risks and opportunities ahead. We point out hazards that might slow you down, and we show you the best route. Our leadership, human resources, and safety experts have experience solving real-world workplace challenges. And we’d love to partner with you to get you where you want to go.

Ready or not, 2019 is here! And along with it are some new laws, emerging challenges and opportunities, and a renewed passion to meet your organization’s goals. Partner with Integrated Success and take your business to the next level this year!

Yours in success,


Linda Powell

Founder, Integrated Success

Linda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Success HR Consulting & Coaching, LLC. She is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and passionate about strengths-focused development. Integrated Success works with organizations in developing effective teams and human resources practices to bring out the best of individuals for their own success and that of the organization. That’s why we say, “Integrated Success is the engine behind individuals and organizations thriving!