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Meet Linda

Executive and Leadership Coach and Mentor

Workplace Culture Consultant and Facilitator

Linda Powell helps insightful senior leaders and their people create vibrant and inclusive workplace cultures. As a supportive strategic partner, she guides leaders and staff in working together to co-create inspiring workplaces where everyone feels trusted, valued, and able to contribute wholeheartedly, fostering a sense of belonging. When individuals flourish, organizations soar.

Linda believes in building on the bedrock of what’s already strong: highlighting the hidden gems and shared aspirations of individuals and teams, tapping into their unique potential, and unleashing a ripple effect of growth that extends to your clients and beyond.

Linda isn’t just an organizational development consultant; she’s your bridge to a thriving, inclusive environment where innovation and belonging go hand-in-hand.

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Linda’s Experience

  • Extensive Leadership Experience –  Having served as an executive/senior leader across multiple industries,  Linda knows firsthand the day-to-day challenges of leading an organization. These diverse experiences help her partner with senior leaders across all kinds of organizations.
  • Coaching Bosses and Peers – As an internal, and often informal, coach and mentor to leaders at all levels, for 20 years, she helped the people in her organizations thrive,  experience a sense of belonging, and create a more cohesive workplace community.
  • Transforming Workplace Culture for more than 15 years – Linda has a proven record of facilitating positive change in organizational culture, both as an internal leader and an external consultant. She empowers teams to discover strengths and shared values, fostering enhanced cooperation. Her work transforms siloed departments into trusted partners where innovation and collaboration flourish.
  • More than 7 Years Mentoring Senior Leader Clients and their Leadership Teams – Linda takes a growth-minded, rather than deficit-minded, approach to help senior leaders and leadership teams work together to elevate their workplace culture from Tired to Inspired. Linda guides leaders in building resilient, productive teams fueled by trust and respect.
Linda’s Certifications / Education
  • Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation
  • Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach and Facilitator
  • Certified Conversations Worth Having Trainer
  • Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator
  • M.B.A and B.S. in Sociology with Concentration in Economics

Why Integrated Success

Intrigued by the possibility of creating the inspiring workplace culture you’ve envisioned? Building a successful partnership for your workplace culture transformation is about finding the right fit. Let’s see if our visions and values align.

My approach to transforming workplace culture stems from a unique blend of:

  • Leadership experience: I’ve walked in your shoes, facing the challenges and relishing the triumphs of senior leadership.
  • Research-backed insights: I’ve delved deep into understanding what fosters truly exceptional workplace cultures.
  • A wholehearted passion: Integrated Success was born from the desire to help insightful senior leaders create the conditions for their people to thrive.

Curious to delve deeper? The “Why I Founded Integrated Success” and “What Guides My Work” sections below offer a glimpse into the inspiration behind Integrated Success and my philosophy. It’s a quick read that could spark the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Why I Founded Integrated Success

As an Administration, Finance, and Human Resources Leader in non-profit, for profit, and governmental organizations, I wanted to help the people in my organizations thrive and experience a sense of belonging and valued contribution. I wanted to inspire individuals and create a more cohesive workplace community.

And yet, by following standard management practices, I focused on employees’ weaknesses to “help them become more well-rounded.” Each time, this approach failed to have the impact I hoped for. “People-fixing” often fueled a downward spiral of blame, justification, and disengagement.

Seeing the disheartening and disengaging impact of ineffective standard practices led me to research and synthesize the science and evidence-based best practices to inspire a different way of leading:

An approach to leadership that aligns with what employees are looking for today; a style that honors that humans want to belong, connect, contribute, and experience trust within their workplace.

Research and evidence-based best practices show that this approach empowers leaders and the people who follow them, fostering healthy and inspired workplace cultures. This approach also provides a framework for taking on challenging topics in a way that brings everyone into the conversation in a meaningful way – a way that invites positive change, sparks innovation, and encourages collaboration. By honoring and encouraging people’s strengths, they experience greater confidence, connection, and creativity.

This discovery was my impetus for founding Integrated Success.

What Guides My Work

My philosophy boils down to ten guiding principles, a compass for my work and perhaps a mirror to yours. If these resonate with you, imagine the synergy we could create, uplifting your workplace culture to new heights.

  1. Change your focus to elevate your workplace culture. What we choose to seek out determines what we find. When we focus on what’s not working, we spiral down, trying to solve what we think the problem might be. When we turn our attention to seeing what is working AND what we aspire to create, we see strengths, new possibilities, and opportunities for innovation. This perspective causes us to have conversations that lift people up and bring people together, inspiring them to even greater success.
  2. Every human being is valuable. Every person has strengths, talents, experiences, and capabilities. People thrive when they are heard, seen, and respected as capable contributors.
  3. Creating the space for all to shine enhances a sense of belonging for everyone in an organization.
  4. A Culture of Belonging is a vital foundation for organizations that want to truly live into creating a workplace community of diversity, equity, inclusion and action, where respecting others and seeking out different perspectives and methods are normal, create more productivity, and generate more innovation.
  5. Focus on what connects us rather than what divides us, which allows us to align our interests and energy to achieve shared aspirations.
  6. Everything changes when you figure out how to tap into the wisdom and strengths that already exist within you, your leadership team, and your staff.
  7. Consciously creating a culture of trust, innovation, and belonging amplifies the positive impact of the organization.
  8. Every organization, every team has a “culture.” Workplace culture is made up of norms, values, rules of engagement – whether articulated or not – that determine what is possible within the group and who is recognized and rewarded.
  9. It’s the senior leader’s responsibility and greatest opportunity to create a sense of genuine community that is welcoming, safe, and inspiring.
  10. Engage with everyone with authenticity, integrity and compassion.
If you believe like I do…we may be a good fit.

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